Inflammatory Outbreaks

Sources: Papers On Health

Sometimes a severe out-break and eruption will

occur in and around the nostrils or lips, and spread over the face. (If

of the nature of erysipelas, treat as under that head.) In ordinary

cases, there is need for more than local treatment, as it is probable

that more or less failure in the skin exists. Also the feet will be

most probably cold and damp. Let these be bathed (see Bathing Feet),

and dried. Then rub them with CAYENNE LOTION (see) for some ten

minutes, until in a glow of heat. Dry well, rub on hot olive oil, and

dry again. Do this twice a day for a week. Warm and dry stockings must

be worn. The skin of the back will probably be found dry and rough.

Wash it down daily with SOAP (see) and hot water, and rub with warm

olive oil. After a week of this treatment, probably the eruption will

be much lessened. If it is still troublesome, apply cool cloths to the

whole head, avoiding the sore parts, until it is generally cooled down

and the skin softened, or the head may be, instead of this, packed in

lather of the soap already mentioned. (See Head, Soaping). For the

sore itself, apply weak vinegar or very weak ACETIC ACID (see), and

a little olive oil after. But it is best if it can be healed in such

cases without any local application, through the general treatment of

feet and skin.