Limbs Drawn-up

Sources: Papers On Health

We have had many cases of contracted limbs, arising

from various causes. Some of these have been completely cured, even

when the tendons or cords which were contracted were going to be

cut by medical advice. In one case, however, of which we knew, the

medical man ordered the very treatment we employ.

In the first place we must have EXERCISE (see). This may be given by

massaging the back and limbs with a gentle squeezing motion for

half-an-hour twice a day (see MASSAGE). Use hot olive oil for this

rubbing, and persevere. If the feet be sweaty, rub them with the

CAYENNE LOTION (see). But the effective cure will be found in the

careful and persevering rubbing and pressure.

Sometimes we find that a failure occurs in the large haunch joint

itself, and that is not only shown by pain and stiffness, but by one or

more sores that discharge matter, indicating that the bone is diseased.

At the same time, the sinews of the limb affected give signs of

contraction, and the heel soon refuses to come to the ground in

walking. There is clearly a lack of vital energy, such as is wanted to

heal the bone and nourish the leaders in this limb: this lack may have

been showing itself for years. Apply the ARMCHAIR FOMENTATION (see).

Soon the sores begin to put on a healthier appearance, and ere long

they heal up. With this and the rubbing, the sinews begin to relax and

lengthen out, so that the heel comes nearer the ground. The limb may

even have become smaller than the other, but it grows so as to come up

with the healthy one: this will be the case though the fomentation is

done equally to both. It is a curious thing that the body is so

constituted that general healthy growth tends to bring on weaker parts

more rapidly than stronger ones, so as to restore proper proportions.

The new force applied to the roots of nerves on both sides of the spine

does not make the healthy limb grow so as to keep in advance of the

weakened one; it makes the weakened one grow so as to come up with the

healthier. You do not therefore need to confine the fomenting to one

side; it is better to apply it equally to both sides, and to leave the

laws of the constitution to arrange all matters as to proportion. These

laws never fail to do so perfectly. In the hands of a really skilful

surgeon, much may be done to remedy diseased bone by the modern methods

of antiseptic treatment and operation, but where these are not

available, the above treatment has most excellent effects, and has

sometimes cured where the surgeon has failed.