Nourishment Heat In

Sources: Papers On Health

Heat is absorbed in building up the bodily

tissues, and given off when they are disintegrated. To rightly

understand this is of great importance in all treatment. When a living

substance is growing, it demands heat. An illustration of this is the

sun's heat causing what we call "growing weather." Again, where

substances are breaking up, as in burning wood, heat is given out. In

the stomach, a certain amount of heat is needed during digestion. If it

is not given, indigestion ensues. To swallow ice, where the stomach has

already insufficient heat, is then great folly. On the other hand, to

take hot water is to do the very thing which gives the stomach what it

needs, and so to relieve the indigestion. Many times, when the stomach

simply stands still from lack of energy, it will move immediately on

getting a glass of hot water to help it. Similarly, a little genial

heat assists other failing organs. As we have shown how cold diminishes

the excessive action of inflammation and fever, so we now point out

that if you can find out what organs are feeble and acting

insufficiently, and stimulate them with gentle heat, you are on the way

to a cure.