Sources: Papers On Health

This frequent and severe trouble results most usually from

chill to the skin throwing overwork on the lungs and bronchial tubes.

These last become inflamed and swollen. A fiery heat and pain in the

chest follows, the whole system becomes fevered, and breathing is

difficult, and accompanied by severe cough.

Kneipp linen underwear, which is porous, and has a stimulating effect

on the skin, assists it to perform its functions, and will therefore

prove useful to sufferers from Bronchitis.

Abundance of fresh air will often entirely prevent Bronchitis. We have

known people who suffered from it every winter for years who never had

it again after learning the value of the constantly open window.

At the earliest stage, when the chill is first felt, let the patient go

to bed. First sponge up and down the back quickly with hot soap and

water. Dry this off, and sponge or rub gently with hot vinegar. Dry

this off, and rub with warm olive oil. This will often ward off an

attack entirely.

When the trouble has fairly obtained hold, treatment must be applied to

the back and chest as follows. Place on the upper part of the back a

BRAN POULTICE (see), large enough to cover the entire shoulders and

upper back. Let the patient lie in bed comfortably on this. Then apply

towels wrung out of cold water on the chest where pain and

breath-catching are felt. Let the towels be large, and at least four

ply. Change for a fresh one as soon as that on the chest becomes

heated. When this has been done as long as the poultice keeps hot, take

all off, rub back and chest with hot vinegar, dry off, rub with hot

oil, dry off, and cover all with warm new flannel. If needful, repeat

the application. We have seldom seen it required twice.

If the fever is very great, use no olive oil, and for a strong patient

the cold towels may be used without the poultice. But immediately these

reduce the fever, the poultice should be used as directed.

In many cases where medical men have given up hope, this treatment has

effected a cure.