Brow The Weary

Sources: Papers On Health

Sometimes in the case of a child at school, the

result of overwork shows itself in a weariness and weight in the brow.

Often parents are glorying in the school successes of their children,

when these are having their brains destroyed. Careful watching should

ever be given to the young. The aim in education should be to draw out

the faculties, and teach the young to think for themselves, rather than

to cram in a mass of facts which will enable them to take prizes and

pass examinations with honours.

The results of continued overwork are fatal, but in its earlier stages

it is easily remedied. Hence the need for watching and treating such an

early symptom as head weariness. For treatment see that the feet are

warm, bathing them if necessary (see Bathing Feet). Stop school at

once, and give as much exercise in the open air, at play, as possible.

Then rub gently with both hands up and over the brow and sides of the

head over the ears, then up the back and over top of the head. Rub all

over the head with the finger points (not nails), so as to raise a glow

in the skin of the scalp. This treatment is best done while the patient

sits, and the operator stands behind or beside him. Gentleness of touch

there must be, and no irritation of the patient. With abstention from

all lessons, it will soon cure.