Bile On The Stomach

Sources: Papers On Health

Take half a teacupful of hot water every ten

minutes for ten hours. Next day take the same every twenty minutes for

a like period. The third day the same every hour. For ten days after

take the same before each meal. We have seen a case of liver complaint

of more than twenty years' standing cured thus. See also that the feet

and legs are rendered healthful, and kept so. If cold and clammy, they

should be bathed in hot water for five minutes or so, dried, and rubbed

with warm olive oil.

Care must be taken also to give a simple diet. Oatmeal jelly, wheaten

meal porridge, barley pudding (see Barley), and such foods, should

form the staple nourishment. Avoid eggs, butter, cream, and beef. See

also Sea-Sickness.