Brain Inflammation Of

Sources: Papers On Health

This arises often from over-schooling of young

boys and girls. Care should ever be taken to avoid this. Obstinate

constipation in the bowels, chills and exposure, are also fruitful

sources. Much worry and anxiety also bring on this serious illness. All

sometimes combine to produce a bad case. Pain in the head sets in,

followed by convulsive attacks; yet the trouble may be cured in many

cases with comparative ease. Leeches, opium, and blistering are to be

avoided as most injurious. For treatment it is well to begin at the

feet; if these are clammy and cold, wrap in hot fomentation up over the

knees (see Fomentation). Proceed to give a pretty warm injection of

water into the lower bowel (see Enemas). This should be repeated

several times, allowing it to pass off each time. If this increases the

pain, try an injection of cold water. This treatment of feet and bowels

is most important, and should never be neglected; it renders the

treatment of the head tenfold more effective. Cold cloths may now be

gently pressed for some time over the head. If the pulse is violent and

feverish, let several towels be well wrung out of cold or even iced

water, fold one so as to cover the entire head and back of the neck,

and have the others ready, similarly folded. Press the first on gently,

especially at the back of the head, so that the cooling cloth covers

the head all over and soothes the violently heated brain. As soon as

one towel grows warm, take a fresh cold one. Relief should come in an

hour at least, but longer may be required. During the cooling see that

the heat of the fomentation on the legs is well kept up; change if

necessary. When the more painful symptoms abate, oil the lower part of

the back, and place on it a bran poultice (as recommended in Bowels,

Inflammation of). This will go far to prevent any relapse. If the

symptoms recur, use the treatment again. See Brow, Weary; Eyes,

Failing Sight. See also, for other brain troubles: Restlessness;