Band Flannel

Sources: Papers On Health

A piece of fine new flannel made to cover the whole

back, and sewed under the usual underclothing, has a truly wonderful

effect when worn in certain cases of illness. The same effect is not

produced by doubling the flannels that are worn. What we have specially

to call attention to is the fact that the piece is extra to all that

which covers the rest of the body. The heat of the back, which is so

very important from the nerve structure of the spinal system, is made

to gather under a single ply of flannel, but much more quickly under

two folds of the same material. When, therefore, there is anything like

natural heat in the back, this piece of new flannel makes it gather

quickly, and keeps it stimulating the parts to which it is confined.

Then, if the front of the body is more thinly clad, it is very much the

same as when a hot bag or a bran poultice is applied to the back, and a

cold cloth in front. The effect is not so immediate, but in the course

of time it gets to be even greater. We have never been able to see much

come of "magnetic" or "electric" belts other than would result from

wearing the woollen material they are covered with; but we have seen

constantly all the good effects ascribed to the most costly appliances

produced by a bit of new flannel. If there can be a good rubbing given

with olive oil, and then the extra flannel put on, the effect is

delightful. Again, when the skin has been cleansed effectually with the

mixture for NIGHT SWEATS (see), put the flannel on. It causes a

gathering of heat, which stimulates the spinal nerves, and produces

good effects all over the body and limbs.

A broad band of extra new flannel round the lower half of the body is

somewhat equivalent to fomentation got in the armchair, or in the hot

pack of the lower body. Those who are exposed, as coachmen are, and

subject to lumbago and other troubles, will find a flannel band work

wonders. This flannel band on the lower back is valuable in cases of

rheumatism, sciatica, and various kidney troubles. On the upper back it

is good for bronchitis and some forms of asthma.

It may be used in connection with the other forms of treatment given

for these in separate articles. When linen underwear is worn, this band

should be worn under that, next the skin.