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Medical Articles


Use the A D current, strong force. Place the N. P., long cord...

Extraction Of Open Safety-pins From The Esophagus

An open safety pin with the point down offers no particular ...

The Surgical Form Of The Deep Cervical And Facial Regions And The Relative Position Of The Principal Bloodvessels And Nerves

While the human cervix is still extended in surgical position...


The symptoms of this are cramping pains in the abdomen, witho...


HOW to live at peace with others is a problem which, if pract...

The Nerves In The Skin

How We Tell Things from Touch, and Feel Heat and Cold and Pai...

Other Lesions

Tricuspid insufficiency, except as rarely found in the fetus,...


Active and persistent antiluetic medication must precede and ...

Site Of Lodgment

The majority of foreign bodies in the air passages occur in ...

General Directions Of The Current

Negative affections, as a general rule, are best treated with...


TO most people self-control means the control of appe...

Brain Rest

The need for this is often indicated by irritability of temper...


Caffein can irritate the heart and cause irregularity and ta...


The first sign of such an illness is a brief and slight attack...


Enough has already been said of the value and limitations of ...


In spite of the fact that a large number of men today do not ...

Rash Or Hives

Infants are often troubled with large red, angry-looking spots...

Biliary Calculi Gravel In Liver

Take A C current, strong as can be borne; and treat the infla...

Preliminary Remarks

The author wishes to caution the reader not to rely merely on...

On Ulcers

From the preceding observations it would naturally be conclud...

Blood Purifying

Source: Papers On Health

Fever arising from bad state of the blood may be
treated by careful cooling of the spine and head, with towels well
wrung out of cold water, frequently changed (see Fever). The pulse
in one case so treated was reduced from 130 to 96 by a few
applications. If a sore exists, treat it as in article Sores. If an
eruption in the skin breaks out, cover the surface at night with soap
lather (see Lather; Soap). Wipe that off with weak acetic acid
(see) in the morning, and the skin will come right. Let the diet be
simple and cooling (see Abscess; Assimilation; Skin; Sores; Appendix,

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