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Medical Articles

How Fasting Heals

Its an old hygienic maxim that the doctor does not heal, the ...

Varioloids And Chicken-pocks

_Varioloids_ and _Chicken-pocks_, are treated in the same man...

Mustard Oil

Where this is recommended the cold-drawn oil is meant, not the...


Direct laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, esophagoscopy and gastrosc...

Internal Relaxation

Pain is often felt in parts of the back or sides which will yi...

Human Sympathy

A NURSE who had been only a few weeks in the hospital...

Unfavorable Symptoms

are: A fetid breath, with ulceration and sloughing of the thr...

Skin A Wintry

Something like an epidemic of skin trouble is often experience...


See Bleeding; Wounds. ...

Mechanical Spoon

When soft, friable substances, such as a bolus of meat, beco...

The Use Of The Will

IT is not generally recognized that the will can be t...

The Blue-glass Mania

As illustrative of the power of the imagination, the so-cal...

Ulcers Case Xxix

The peculiarity of the present case arose from neglect in eva...


We have had so much success in helping the deaf that we feel w...


This is a disease of children. Comes on in consequence of a s...

Punctures Case Ix

James Joynes, aged 12, was bitten by an ass, on each side of ...

Fever Intermitting

For this the treatment may be given as in gastric fever, and, ...


While the usually thin, watery esophageal and gastric secret...


In any case of this pack the feet and legs as directed in Lung...


No greater mistake could be made than to curtail the hours of ...

Blood Purifying

Source: Papers On Health

Fever arising from bad state of the blood may be
treated by careful cooling of the spine and head, with towels well
wrung out of cold water, frequently changed (see Fever). The pulse
in one case so treated was reduced from 130 to 96 by a few
applications. If a sore exists, treat it as in article Sores. If an
eruption in the skin breaks out, cover the surface at night with soap
lather (see Lather; Soap). Wipe that off with weak acetic acid
(see) in the morning, and the skin will come right. Let the diet be
simple and cooling (see Abscess; Assimilation; Skin; Sores; Appendix,

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