Water For Drinking

Sources: Papers On Health

Every care should be taken to have drinking water

absolutely pure. Diarrhoea and many infectious diseases may be conveyed

by impure water. In gouty cases as much water should be taken as

possible (provided the heart is sufficiently strong) in order to wash

away the waste matter. The same applies to fevers. If there is a

suspicion of water being contaminated mere filtration should never be

relied on, the water should be boiled.

After many of the treatments given by us in this book, considerable

thirst will be experienced. Cold water in such cases may always be

given. In fact, in any internal congested condition cold water will

stimulate the nerves of these organs, and make them act on the blood

vessels. In all cases where drugs, especially mineral drugs have been

recklessly indulged in, cold water should be taken in abundance. Care

must be taken, however, not to unduly stimulate the circulation or

nervous system, and any signs of this, such as headache or want of

sleep indicate the curtailment of the amount drunk.