Water In The Head

Sources: Papers On Health

In cases where this trouble is suspected, very

often there is nothing wrong but a more or less congested state of the

brain, owing to some severe chill or some disease elsewhere in the

body. There may be violent heat in the head, and even the "drowsiness"

which is so serious a symptom, without any real "water in the head" at

all. Leeching and blistering in such a case are grave mistakes. Cold

towels (see Towels, Cold Wet), or a gentle pouring of cool water on

the head, will often be sufficient to remove all trouble. We have seen

a bad case of brain congestion cured and consciousness return almost

immediately after the pouring had begun. The feet also may be fomented

(see Fomentation). The cold towels and pouring may be used

alternately on the head, which will give a more powerful effect. Let

the water poured be almost lukewarm, a little under blood heat. There

is no need to cut the hair, or use any acid or drug in the water. The

cooling is all that is needed. Incipient water in the head may in a

very large number of cases be checked and cured by the same treatment.

It can do no harm in any case, and has saved many lives.