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Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

This usually results
from germs. The breast inflames, the milk tubes are choked and distended,
there may be fever. There is sometimes severe local pain, hard swelling
and an abscess forms and if this breaks it is called broken breast.

Treatment, Preventive. Support breast with a binder. The milk should not
be allowed to accumulate and cake. The breasts and nipples should be kept
clean and dry. Breast pump should be used if necessary to get out the
surplus milk. If the lumps continue and are painful, put cold applications
to the breast. Have child nurse at the other breast. If it continues and
will suppurate, apply moist heat, such as fomentations or poultices, and
then open thoroughly. Poke root makes a splendid poultice for caked
breasts. I have great faith in it. At the same time I give of the tincture
one drop doses every hour. It is a splendid remedy and the poultice and
remedy frequently stop the trouble. Inflammation of the breasts sometimes
occurs in babies, generally in the first weeks. The swelling can be
reduced by mild rubbing with warm carbolized oil used every day. Do not
rub hard enough to hurt the baby. After the rubbing, absorbent cotton with
carbolized oil should be applied and cover all with a thick layer of
cotton held on with adhesives. If the breasts form pus they must be

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Sore Breasts, a Never-Failing Remedy for. "Take a
pint of raw linseed oil and four ounces tincture of camphor, mix and apply
a cloth saturated in the liniment to the affected parts, taking care that
the whole surface of the inflamed parts is covered with the liniment. When
the breasts become swollen or painfully inflamed, apply the liniment often
to prevent gathering." Even if they have gathered it is an excellent
outward application. It allays pain, is extremely soothing and seldom
fails to effect a cure.

2. Swollen Breasts, an Herb Treatment for. "Chamomile flowers one ounce,
marshmallow roots one ounce, bruise and boil in one quart of water down to
a pint. Foment the breast with this liquor as hot as can be borne; and
then place the flowers and roots in a cloth and apply as a poultice."

3. Sore Breasts, a Hot Poultice for. "Apply hot pancakes made of sour
milk, saleratus and wheat flour, large enough to cover affected parts.
Keep them changed often enough, so they will not be cold. This is an
excellent remedy to steam out the inflammation." This is an old tried
remedy and one to be relied upon. The steaming relieves the swelling and
inflammation and gives relief quickly.

4. Caked Breasts, Fresh Hops for. "Fry one pint of fresh hops in a half
cup of lard until the lard is a rich brown, then strain, set away to cool
and use as a salve."

5. Sore Breasts, a Poultice of Peach Leaves for. "Take enough peach tree
leaves to mix well with meal and water to the consistency of a poultice."
This poultice should be applied hot, but should only be used in cases
where the breast has matter or pus in it.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. l. Sore Nipples, a Good Wash for. "Brandy and water
mixed together and put on the nipples will harden them but should be
washed off before the child nurses. If they are cracked, apply glycerin
with starch, or arnica ointment."

2. Sore Nipples, Good Family Ointment for. "Four ounces of white wax, one
ounce bayberry wax, three ounces of spermaceti, one pint olive oil. Mix
briskly over a slow fire, taking care to stir it briskly until cool." This
is an excellent ointment for mothers when troubled with sore nipples; it
moistens the skin and forms a coating. It is good for dry, scurvy, chapped
hands, blotches on the face and all sores which require a mild ointment,
but should be assisted with internal remedies when the case requires it.

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