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Inflammation of the Body of the Womb

Category: Diseases of Women

The discharge is thin and watery.
If the Inflammation is Caused by Gonorrhea the discharge would partake of
the pus-like variety.

Symptoms. Local: is of course mainly the discharge or the irritation
often produced by it, especially if it is thin. It then irritates the
parts. The patient will be run down. It will be hard to do anything,
frequently the patient is very nervous and irritable.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Leucorrhea, Slippery Elm for. "The immediate cause
of leucorrhea is either congestion or inflammation of the mucous membrane
of the vagina or womb, or both. It is not a disease, but a symptom of some
vaginal or uterine disorder; hence, general or specific tonics may be
needed but appropriate injection as auxiliary treatment will very much
assist in cure. The patient should bathe frequently and freely expose
herself to the sunshine, and have good ventilation in the house. If the
vaginal passage is very tender and irritable, an infusion, or tea, of
slippery elm bark is very soothing and may be used freely with a vaginal
syringe. Whatever injection is employed, should be preceded by the free
use of castile soap and warm water to thoroughly cleanse the parts."
Always lie down after an injection.

2. Leucorrhea, Glycerin for. "One part glycerin to six parts water is a
very soothing lotion when there is much tenderness, pain or heat in the
vagina. A teaspoonful of tartaric acid in a pint of warm water is a
specific, in some cases, acting like magic. Whatever lotion is employed,
always use it warm. After cleansing with soap suds, the medicated lotion
of not less than two ounces should be injected."

3. Leucorrhea, Common Tea for. "A very simple remedy that every woman has
in the home is a decoction of common tea; used as an injection twice daily
is very beneficial." The tea has an astringent action and the tannin
contained in the tea leaves is very effective. This remedy is a harmless
one, and every woman suffering with this disagreeable disease should give
this remedy a trial.

4. Leucorrhea, Witch-hazel for. "Cleanse the parts well with clear warm
water, then inject two quarts of warm water in which has been dropped a
tablespoonful of witch-hazel." This is a very good remedy and sure to give

5. Leucorrhea, White Oak Bark for. "White oak bark one ounce, water one
pint. This makes a very good injection and will be found very effective,"

6. Leucorrhea, a Good Herb Remedy for. "Inject into the vagina with a
female syringe, a tea of bistort or beth root, and cranesbill, night and
morning and take the following night and morning in wineglassful doses.

White Pond Lily Root. 2 ounces
Unicorn Root 2 ounces
Wahoo Root 1 ounce
Golden Seal 1 ounce
Cinnamon 1 ounce

Add three pints of water, simmer to one quart, pour boiling hot upon one
ounce of grated nutmeg, one-half ounce ginger, powdered, one half pound of
granulated sugar. Exercise in the open air and nourishing food are

7. Leucorrhea, Common Vinegar for. "Two tablespoonfuls vinegar in two
quarts of water (warm or hot), used as a douche at bedtime, until cured,"
This will cure some mild cases and has an astringent action.

8. Leucorrhea, an Easily Prepared Remedy for. "Red oak bark tea used with
syringe; follow with hot water." Steep the red oak bark and make a tea of
it, using about two or three teaspoonfuls of the bark to a pint of hot
water. This acts as an astringent and the red oak bark contains a good
deal of tannin which is very beneficial in cases of this kind.

9. Leucorrhea, Home-Made Suppositories for. "Take a small piece of
medicated cotton, and saturate in pure glycerin and insert in the vagina
at night, after a warm salt injection has been taken to thoroughly cleanse
the parts." So many women of today are careless about taking injections,
at least once or twice a week. Many of these diseases could be avoided in
the beginning by women being more cleanly. This saturated cotton acts as a
suppository absorbing the mattery secretion and in that way relieves the

10. Leucorrhea, a Good Home Remedy for. "Cleanse the parts affected with
warm water with a little castile or ivory soap in it, by means of an
injection. Then inject a full syringe of the mixture, made by dropping a
tablespoonful of extract of witch-hazel (Pond's is best) into warm water;
repeat each night until cured." The injection of soap and water is one of
the essential things to do for leucorrhea, as it cleanses the parts
thoroughly and the witch-hazel is very soothing and healing.

11. Leucorrhea, a New York Doctor's Remedy for. "Fluid extract of Oregon
grape root (sometimes called mild grape) mixed with a simple syrup and
given in teaspoonful doses, three times a day, is recommended by Dr. W. W.
Myers, as a curative for leucorrhea."

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. First is to do away, if possible, with local
disease, like inflammations, tear of the cervix, etc. The general system
should be built up with tonics. The same treatment as for anemia and
chlorosis will be usual for this trouble. Refer to those diseases.

Local. The vagina should be kept as clean as possible with the hot water
injections. To the hot water many simple remedies can be added with much

1. One ounce of white oak bark in a pint of boiling water makes a good
injection for this trouble. Before any medicine is used the vagina should
always be washed out by an injection of warm water. Then follow with the
indicated injection and retain it as long as possible.

2. Tannic acid and glycerin, equal parts, one ounce to two quarts of warm
water, is a good injection.

3. Lloyd's Golden Seal is splendid, used in the proportion of four
teaspoonsful to a pint of warm water.

4. This combination gives good service:--

Sulphate of Zinc 1 dram
Sulphate of Alum 1 dram
Glycerin 6 ounces

Put a tablespoonful to each quart of warm water and use as injection.

It is well to remember the injections must be given in large quantities,
and used in a fountain syringe. A gallon can be used at one time.

5. Witch-hazel in warm water makes an excellent injection in many cases.
It can be used in the proportion of one-fifth water of witch-hazel to
four-fifths of warm water.

6. Many other simple remedies may be named, Cranesbill is one. Vaginal
cones are now made for leucorrhea. These are used about every third night
and a thorough injection taken the next day. There are many varieties,
most of them are good and can be bought at any drug store.

MENOPAUSE. (Change of Life). The active menstrual life lasts on an average
for thirty years and ends between forty and fifty years of age. The courts
have recognized the age of fifty-three years as the limit that a woman can
become pregnant.

The onset of the change of life, may be sudden or gradual. The organs
shrink and waste. The womb shrinks and part of its muscular tissue
disappears and its walls become thin, soft and relaxed. The ovaries become
small and harder. The vagina shortens and also becomes narrower. Sudden
mental shock, wasting disease or change of climate, may cause a sudden
appearance of the change of life.

Symptoms. Many women hardly notice any change, as it comes on gradually.
Other women have all kinds of bodily and mental symptoms, and some are
afraid of becoming insane. The heart palpitates readily, feelings of heat
and cold, flushes of heat of the face, followed by sudden sweating. Rush
of blood to the head so quickly sometimes as to make the patient lose
temporary consciousness. The spirits are very much depressed,
sleeplessness is common in some women.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Change of Life, a Useful Herb Remedy for.
"Motherwort is one of the most useful herbs to relieve obstructed
menstrual flow. There is no better herb for cleansing the womb and
removing obstructions in the female at change of life. Dose: A
wineglassful of the decoction three times a day."

2. Change of Life, excessive Flowing. An Old Tried Remedy for. "One ounce
of nutmeg, grated, one pint Jamaica rum. Mix well and shake before taking.
Dose :--One teaspoonful three times a day as long as necessary." I tried
this remedy upon the advice of a physician at the time of "change of life"
and was very soon relieved, so I heartily recommend it.

3. Change of Life. Good Advice From an Experienced Mother. "The first and
most important point to consider is the general health of the patient. If
the general health can be sustained there will be no danger attending this
critical period of life. Therefore whatever form of disease may manifest
itself the one object should be to seek a remedy in time. Take special
pains to preserve general good health and take care not to overwork, take
plenty of outdoor exercise and keep up a regular action of the bowels.
Purify the blood with tonics if necessary."

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. Exercise, fresh air, with freedom from worry,
anxiety and care. Many women at this time of life need much encouragement,
and cheerful company is a good tonic. Prominent annoying symptoms should
be met with the proper medicine. Irregular bleeding of the womb at this
time or after should lead to an examination as to its origin.


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