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INFANTILE PARALYSIS. (Acute Anterior Polio Myelitis)

Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

This is an acute
disease occurring almost exclusively in young children with paralysis,
followed by rapid dwindling of the muscles of the parts affected by the

Causes. Found in children under three years old. It is more common in
summer than in winter. It often follows scarlet fever, measles, and

Symptoms. The onset is usually sudden; often the child is put to bed at
night seemingly well and in the morning is found paralyzed in one or more
limbs. High fever or chills, general feeling of illness, pain all over the
body, decided brain symptoms, like delirium or convulsions and
intermittent contractions of the muscles may usher in the disease. These
forerunning symptoms may last a short time or for several weeks, after
which the paralysis is noticed, being extensive as a rule, and affecting
one, two, or all of the extremities and sometimes the muscles of the
trunk. This general paralysis soon disappears being left permanently in
only one extremity, chiefly in one leg. The other symptoms disappear. The
paralyzed part atrophies (wastes) rapidly. The disease is very rare in
adults. If the paralysis does not show a decided change within the first
few months, full recovery is doubtful.

Treatment. During the acute stage there must be absolute quiet and rest
with a diet that is not stimulating, one that is easily digested; ice to
the head or cold cloths, counter-irritation to the spine; electricity
should be used after a few weeks. There is quite a good deal of this
paralysis, and the case should receive careful attention from the start.


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