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Category: Infectious Diseases

This is a very dangerous disease. The chief
forms are the comatose, algid and hemorrhagic.

(a) Comatose form is characterized by delirium or sudden coma (deep sleep)
with light temperature.

(b) The algid or asthenic form begins with vomiting and great prostration.
The temperature is normal or below normal. There may be diarrhea and
suppression of the urine.

(c) The hemorrhagic form includes malarial hemoglobinuria, hemoglobin in
the urine. Haemoglobin is the coloring matter of the red corpuscles.

Treatment. Prevention. Destroy mosquitoes and protect from them by
screens. Small preventive doses of quinine for persons in malarious
regions, three grains three times a day. Five grains three times a day
will nearly always cure tertian and quartan cases, especially if the
patient is kept in bed until the time for one or two paroxysms has passed.
Attacks often stop spontaneously for a time when the patient is kept in
bed, even without the administration of quinine.

In Remittent Fever larger doses are necessary. For pernicious forms:
Hydrochlorate of quinine and urea ten to twenty grains, given
hypodermically, every three or four hours until improvement occurs, when
the sulphate of quinine by the mouth may be substituted.

AGUE. (See Malarial Fever.)--By ague is meant the cold chills and fever;
or dumb ague where there is little chill, mostly chilly and fever. These
attacks may come on every day, every other day, or every third day.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Ague and Fever, Dogwood Good for. "Take one ounce
of dogwood root and one quart of water. Make an infusion by boiling down
to one-half pint. Strain and give one-half wineglassful every two or three

2. Ague in Face, Menthol and Alcohol Effective Remedy for. "After making
a solution of teaspoonful of menthol crystals, dissolved in two ounces of
alcohol, apply several times a day to the face. Care should be taken that
this solution does not enter the eyes, as it would be injurious,"

3. Ague, Simple Remedy for. "Give purgative and follow with quinine. Give
large 4 grain capsule every four hours.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Chills and Fever, Peruvian Bark and Rhubarb for.

"Pure Rye Whisky 4 ounces
Pulverized Peruvian Bark 1 dram
Pulverized Rhubarb 1 ounce


Put in bottles. Dose for adults:--One tablespoonful three times a day.
This is an excellent remedy."

2. Chills and Fever, Horse-radish for. "Take fresh green horseradish
leaves, bruise and mash them to the consistency of a poultice and bind on
the bottom of the feet. This will tend to reduce the fever and is a
reliable remedy. I have often used this with great satisfaction."

3. Chills and Fever, Dogwood Known to be Good for. "Make a decoction of
one ounce of dogwood root, boiled in one quart of water down to one pint;
strain, and give half wineglassful every two or three hours." This remedy
has been used by our grandmothers for many years, and is one to be
depended upon. The dogwood root can be purchased at any drug store.

Treatment. For acute cases quinine in various doses. I usually prescribe
two grains every two hours until the ears ring, and then take only enough
to keep them in that condition.

It is well always to see that the bowels and liver are active before
taking quinine. The medicine acts better when the patient remains quiet in
bed. If the chill and fever comes on every day, the quinine should be
taken every hour between the paroxysms.



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