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Medical Articles


The delusion that health can be restored by swallowing drugs i...


The cooking of vegetables requires particular care. The valuab...

Direct Laryngoscopy In Diseases Of The Larynx

The diagnosis of laryngeal disease in young children, impossi...

General Tonic Treatment

Take the B D current, (A D is very good), of fair medium stre...

Auricular Fibrillation Pathology

Schoenberg [Footnote: Schoenberg: Frankfurt. Ztschr. f. Patho...

Racks From Lifting

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The Relative Position Of The Cranial Nasal Oral And Pharyngeal Cavities

On making a section (vertically through the median line) of t...


If the foreign body be not removed, the resulting chronic se...

A Rampaging Infection

At the age of 40, John, an old bohemian client of mine, came ...


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Consumption Prevention Of

This most insidious and deadly disease is caused by a tiny veg...

Hair Coming Off

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Should be an indication that food in general or some certain k...


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Cancers take on a variety of forms, distinguished by differen...


This arises generally, from inflammation of the mucous membra...

Infants' Sleep

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ROBERT FLUDD, surnamed "the Searcher," an English physician, ...

Exercise While Fasting

The issue of how much activity is called for on a fast is co...

Breath And Muscles

Source: Papers On Health

Sometimes difficulty of breathing is due, not to
anything wrong with lungs or windpipe, but to failure in the diaphragm
(or large muscular "floor" of the chest), and the other chest muscles,
which work the lungs. A feeling of sinking and weakness round the waist
indicates in such a case diaphragm failure. Gentle heat at the small of
the back, and olive oil rubbing, form treatment for this. For other
chest muscles, give a warm washing each night with SOAP (see) over
the body, and rub, especially the back and chest, with hot olive oil.
You soon bring the muscles into good trim.

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