Breath Hot

Sources: Papers On Health

This may be felt either because the breath is actually

hot, or because the membranes of the tongue and mouth are unusually

tender, and feel the breath hot in consequence when it is not really

so. This latter case is usually accompanied by a sore tongue. To heal

the tongue, it must be soaked freely with vinegar or weak ACETIC ACID

(see), so diluted as to give only a very slight feeling of smarting

after even prolonged application. Apply it with a good camel's hair

brush, and brush with a little fine almond or olive oil after the acid.

The mouth may be rinsed with the acid, but brushing is best.

But where real heat is found in the breath, it arises from an

overheated state of the body internally. This frequently arises from

failure in the stomach to digest properly. If the hot breath arises

from this, small drinks of hot water, frequently taken, will usually

cure it. A warm bran poultice, placed on the back at bedtime opposite

the stomach, will prove a more powerful remedy in addition to the hot

water. More powerful effect still will be found in such stimulus to the

skin as washing it all over twice a week with vinegar or weak acetic

acid. On other days let the patient be rubbed over with good olive oil,

mixed with enough CAYENNE "TEA" (see) to cause a slight burning

sensation. Let this also be done twice a week, and twice a week also

wash all over with M'Clinton's soap and hot water. A plain diet of

course, should be observed (see Digestion; Dyspepsia; Food; Teeth,