Breath And Blood

Sources: Papers On Health

Often difficulty of breathing, especially in close

air, mistaken even for asthma, is due simply to the quality of blood

supplied to the lungs. Sometimes giving up the use of sugar effects a

cure, for sugar produces an excess of carbon in the blood, which

requires an excess of oxygen in the lungs to purify it. Thus breathing

is difficult, especially where oxygen is deficient in the air breathed.

Sometimes the lungs are not strong enough to stand the necessary fresh

air required in such cases, or other troubles may prevent a delicate

person from exposing themselves. Then it is of importance so to

regulate the diet that less oxygen will do all that is needed in the

lungs. "Rich" food, much fatty matter, sugar, and all sweets and

sweetened things, are to be avoided. If this be done, the need for much

oxygen disappears, and the patient will have no difficulty of breathing

in suitably ventilated places.

But the best treatment is hot oil rubbing along the spine, over the

stomach, and even down the limbs to the ankles. An hour of this every

day will work wonders. Or a large BRAN POULTICE (see) may be laid

across the back for an hour twice a day. Cultivate also all cheerful

thoughts, and banish sad ones as far as possible. Sad thoughts greatly

diminish nerve power.