Breathing And Bronchia

Sources: Papers On Health

The bronchia are the branching small tubes

which lead from the windpipe to all parts of the lungs. Two different

states of these often pass as bronchitis. In one of these the tubes are

swelled, congested, and full of fiery heat. The whole body is also

fevered, and breathing is difficult, with cough. This is true

BRONCHITIS (see). But often, with difficult breathing and irritating

cough, there is no heat and fever. In this case bronchitis treatment

gives no relief. This is, indeed, only an irritated state of the lining

of the tubes, and far from dangerous. A change of climate to a drier

atmosphere will often entirely cure it. Often also a time spent in a

room, where the air is kept dry but fresh, and at one steady

temperature of about 60 deg., will cure. Our chief purpose in

mentioning it, however, is that this comparatively slight trouble may

not be mistaken for true bronchitis.