Breast Swelling In

Sources: Papers On Health

A blow on the breast, or the drain of nursing a

child, along with a chill, often produces swelling, sometimes hard and

painful. This, if left uncured, may even develop into an ABSCESS

(see). As it sometimes arises from dirt being left on the nipples,

all nursing mothers should be particular about cleanliness, which

itself prevents many ills.

For cure, bathe the feet in hot water (see Bathing Feet), rub them

over with warm olive oil, and wear good cotton stockings if in bed. If

going about, put a pair of woollen stockings over the cotton ones. Rub

the back as recommended above, using first a little hot vinegar, then

the oil. The feet bathing may be every three days, and rubbing the

same. If the swelling does not yield to this, place the patient

comfortably in bed. Put a good-sized basin of hot water, which has been

boiled and allowed to cool so far, tightly under the breast, so that it

may be bathed with a sponge. Do not use too hot water, but just

comfortably hot. Keep up fresh supplies, and bathe for an hour if

patient can bear it. If she becomes fatigued, lay her down to rest for

fifteen minutes or so, and then continue treatment. No poulticing is

needed when this is well done. A thorough heating of the whole breast

is what is wanted; rub gently with olive oil, and cover warmly after

bathing (see Cancer).