Sources: Papers On Health

Is now known to be conveyed by the bite of a certain kind of

mosquito. Those who live in a malarious district should carefully

exclude these from their houses, and by draining swamps and covering

water butts prevent their breeding, which is always in stagnant water.

If, however, exposure to infection cannot be prevented, much may be

done to strengthen the system to resist it. Firstly, note that there is

a great deal in the food and drink of a family compelled to live in

such a district. If they live largely on animal food, and drink

alcoholic liquors, they will seriously add to the power of malarial

influence. The use of simple food and pure water will very much

lessen it. Let us note that the very opposite of the popular

superstition is the truth. A single glassful of gin, whiskey, or

brandy, instead of "fortifying" against such infection, actually knocks

down the "fortifications" which nature has reared against its power.

These drinks, then, must be strictly avoided.