Lungs Bleeding From

Sources: Papers On Health

This is usually taken as a most alarming, and

even hopeless, symptom. It is not necessarily so at all, and even when

a considerable amount of blood is lost, the patient may recover.

Therefore, let friends not be frightened when this occurs, but bend

their energies to proper treatment, and all danger may be averted. All

alcohol must be avoided; it is most hurtful in such cases. Pack the

feet and legs in a hot blanket FOMENTATION (see) and press cold

cloths gently and equally over the chest or back where the blood is

felt to be coming from: thus you stimulate the enfeebled nerves and

brace the relaxed lungs at one and the same time. Relief will usually

be felt at the end of two or three minutes. Continue the application

till all pain and uneasiness are gone.

Before taking the legs out of the warm pack, dry the chest carefully,

rub it with warm olive oil, and wrap it up in good new flannel. Then

take out the feet and dry them well; rub them gently and well with warm

oil, put on a pair of soft cotton stockings, and allow the patient to

rest. Squeeze an orange and give him an orange drink (see Drinks).

When you have used this fomentation to the feet, and cold cloths once

or twice, it will be well to place a large bran poultice across the

lower part of the back, taking care again that this is only comfortably

hot. When you have had the benefit of this once or twice, you may place

a similar poultice between the shoulders; but this only after you have

so far succeeded in cooling down the inflamed lung or lungs, as the

case may be. During the whole of the treatment it will be well to watch

what is agreeable to the sufferer. It is not only that a certain

treatment, or degree of treatment, comforts, but that it comforts

because it heals. Move the patient as little as possible during

treatment, and do and say all possible to soothe the mind.

The whole treatment should be gone over a second time within twelve

hours. The second day give one application of the treatment only, and

repeat once again the third day. Except for the first time, the

treatment may be limited to half-an-hour. Avoid hot food or drink, but

it is not necessary to have it positively cold. This treatment we

have found perfectly successful in many cases.