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Medical Articles

Cramp In The Limbs

The treatment of this is to apply cold cloths to the roots of ...

Glands Of Bowels

See Bowels. ...

Social/cultural/psychological Obstacles To Fasting

Numerous attitudes make it difficult to fast or to provide mo...

During And After Desquamation The Treatment Should Be Continued As

indicated in milder cases, except the throat continue troubleso...


This is a disease of the skin, producing redness, burning and...

Tuberculosis Of The Tracheobronchial Tree

The bronchoscopic study of tuberculosis is very interesting,...

Sleep And Rest

Why We Need Rest. A most important element in a life of healt...

Noise And Disease

Perhaps nothing shows more the lack of human feeling in many p...


If a more malignant form of endocarditis develops on a mild ...

Health And Money

It will be noticed that the remedies we recommend are in almos...

Back Failures

Often a severe pain in the toe, foot, ankle, or lower leg has ...


See Boil. ...

Finding Your Ideal Dietary

Anyone that is genuinely interested in having the best possib...

Children's Strength

The question often arises as to the ability of children to bea...


For slight burns, immerse the injured part in cold water, and ...


is valuable as a _palliative_ upon cancerous tumors. As a _cu...


Is the process whereby the digested food is carried into the b...

Glands Swollen

This is a very common trouble, especially in the young. To res...

Polar Antagonism

When the conducting cords are of equal length, as commonly th...

Pain Severe In Limbs

This is often not due to any trouble in the joint itself, but ...

Nervous Attacks

Source: Papers On Health

What we call, for want of a better name, "nerve
force," or "nerve action," is at any one time a definite quantity. In
health it is distributed to all the sets of nerves equally, so that all
work in harmony. But if its distribution be altered in certain ways, we
find "fits" or "attacks" coming on. Action is greatly exaggerated in
one part, and as greatly lessened in another--hence violent movements
and complete unconsciousness co-exist. Children often have such fits.
Where they arise from indigestion as a result of bad food, the cure
is found in teaspoonfuls of hot water, and a hot sitz-bath coming up
over the bowels. Where bad blood causes the fits, poultices over the
kidneys will usually help greatly. (For fits of teething children,
see Teething.) See also Epilepsy.

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