Nervous Prostration

Sources: Papers On Health

Persons suffering from nervous prostration have

probably allowed the urgency of seeming duty to drive them on in work

till the vital energies have been fairly exhausted. At last they are

completely broken down, and the very fountains of life are dried up.

The brain itself has become incapable of giving sleep, or sound

thought. But there is no need for despondency: this trouble is

perfectly curable, only the right means must be employed.

In every case of real "nervous prostration," our question must be--How

shall we enable this vital element to recreate itself? The answer is,

with heat. Here we may detail the process which we know to be

successful. Dip a four-ply cotton cloth in cayenne lotion, and lightly

wring out. Lay this gently over the stomach and bowels, and over this

an india-rubber bag full of hot water. All must be only hot enough to

be comfortable. This application may remain on for two hours without

any change, then it is repeated. Where no bag can be had, a good thick

fomentation should be used instead. See Nerves, Shaken; Nerves,

Troubled, and all articles on nervous trouble.

Much depends on consideration of the individual case, and careful

thought and strong sense are needed on the part of all dealing with

such cases. (See Changing Treatment.)

Dessertspoonfuls of light food should be given every half-hour, and

increased in quantity as the patient can bear it. Avoid alcohol and all