Night Coughs

Sources: Papers On Health

These frequently remain as the so-called dregs of some

illness, and are found very persistent. They are also frequently very

alarming, as they are thought to indicate some trouble in the lungs,

and as immediate steps should be taken to check this, it is well to

consult a good doctor. But, though coughing at night does of course

accompany lung disease, it is by no means a chief symptom. Also, it is

evident that the treatment applicable to bronchitis and other chest

inflammations will often fail to relieve a night cough, because the

night cough in question is due to nervous irritation or indigestion.

Narcotics are useless and hurtful. Great relief is frequently found

from inhaling the smoke of burning nitre or saltpetre. Blotting paper

may be soaked in a solution of saltpetre, dried and lighted. Place the

burning substance near enough the patient for him to inhale the smoke,

but not so near as to interfere with easy breathing, especially in

cases where there is great weakness.

When patients are fairly strong the back should be rubbed with warm

olive oil for ten minutes or so in the morning before getting out of

bed. Then apply a cold towel, well wrung out, folded lengthwise along

the spine, and over it a dry one. Let the patient lie on this, and

renew it when heated, continuing altogether for fifteen minutes or so.

Give another fifteen minutes' rubbing with the hot oil before dressing.

If the patient feels chilly during the cooling, foment the feet and

legs at the same time.