Nerves Troubled

Sources: Papers On Health

Often a state of the nerves exists, without any

apparent unhealthiness, which makes the whole system so sensitive, that

ordinary sights, sounds, and smells become unbearable, and the patient

feels the ordinary round of experience, which would never be noticed

otherwise, an intolerable burden. Strange feelings all over the body,

and an indescribable series of seemingly "fanciful" troubles, come on.

It is of no use, and indeed injurious, to treat such cases as merely

fanciful. The wrong bodily condition must be righted if the mental

condition is to improve. The first thing needed is quiet. Quietness

rests the overstrained nervous system very much. Nerve-benumbing drugs

are most hurtful (see Narcotics). Let the light in the room be

subdued, and strong smells avoided. To rest the skin nerves, wear only

Kneipp linen underclothing, and flannels above this if required.

Bathe the tongue and palate by taking mildly warm water into the mouth

and ejecting it again. Soap the head, and all over the body, if it can

be done without chilling, three times a week. (See Head, Soaping;

Lather, etc.).