Night Pains

Sources: Papers On Health

If these are of the nature of cramps, which come on

while lying in bed, the treatment is similar to that given above as

morning treatment for Night Coughs, only the cooling must be continued

for three-quarters of an hour or longer, fomenting the legs if any

chilliness is felt. Cold towels may also be wrung out before going to

bed, and put within reach. These may be applied when the cramps come

on. They will usually relieve speedily.

Spasmodic asthma may be relieved by the same treatment. It often comes

on when lying down, and cold towels applied as above directed will

generally relieve. Fomentations must be given to the feet and legs, if

any feeling of chill is felt.

Where there is difficulty in breathing on lying down, usually the

heart is at fault. Sometimes the heart is all right, and this hard

breathing is nervous, caused by too sudden lying down. To lie down,

propped up with pillows, which may be removed one by one, is often

sufficient to cure it. The treatment in the morning as in Night Coughs

will also greatly help.

Another set of night troubles are such as arise from unwise use of

foods or drinks before going to bed. Tea taken at or near bedtime will

often cause sleeplessness, and will be apt also to give spasmodic

asthma; so will all indigestible foods. These overpower weary organs

that need rest and sleep, and not food. Most people will do well to

take their last meal four hours before retiring. Taking supper is a

habit, and in many cases a very bad one.