Nerve Shock

Sources: Papers On Health

After a fright, or some very trying experience, some part

of the nervous system is frequently found to have given way. Heat is

felt in the stomach. Then, if no treatment is given, curious feelings

come on in the back of the head. Even inflammation of the stomach and

brain may come on in severe cases. In any such trouble, alcoholic

drinks, blisters, opium, and all narcotics are to be strictly avoided.

These only lessen the already weak nerve power. Show the patient in the

first place that there is no need for anxiety, the vast majority of

such cases being easily curable by right treatment. We have seen this

relief of mind alone effect a perfect cure. Therefore see to giving it.

Wring tightly out of cold water two ply of new flannel, large enough to

go round the lower part of the body, from waist downwards to hips. Put

these round the patient, with two dry ply of the same flannel above

them. Wear this night and day for a week or a fortnight. Keep the feet

always warm and dry. Give plain, easily digested food. If St. Vitus'

Dance shows itself, treat as directed under that head. Study the case

in the light of all said on nervous troubles in these pages, and you

will be able to cure almost any symptoms which may arise.