Nerves Spinal

Sources: Papers On Health

The spinal cord is continuous with the back part of

the brain. It is a mass of nerve fibres, and from it branch off in

pairs, all the way down from the brain, the great nerves which move the

limbs and muscles of the body, and receive the impressions of sensation

for conveyance to the brain. It is permeated by numerous blood vessels,

which supply what is needed for the upkeep of the whole mass. When

these relax, and become overfilled with blood, we have congestion of

the spinal cord. This may often be easily remedied by cold cloths

applied over the spine, with fomentations to the feet if necessary

(see Children's Healthy Growth; Fall; Paralysis; St. Vitus' Dance).

If, on the other hand, the vessels are contracted, or the blood supply

defective, we have great languor and coldness. This usually may be

remedied by rubbing over the spine with hot olive oil. Violent heat, or

blistering, simply destroys the skin, and hinders healthy action.

Gentle heat, or gentle cooling, long continued, is the best treatment.

Especially is this true in the case of little children (see

Children's Healthy Growth). For treatment of the nervous system,

peculiar attention should always be paid to the point where all the

spinal nerves enter and issue from the brain. This is at the hollow

usually present at the base of the back of the skull, where it is

jointed on to the spinal bones. Rubbing here is most powerful, either

with acetic acid or olive oil, and hot or cold cloths should always be

well pressed into the hollow, when applied to the head or upper spine.

(See Diagram, page 234).

Failures of muscular power are caused by failure in the spinal cord. If

a child cannot walk, but only trails his legs, or if he cannot hold his

head erect, skilful rubbing with hot oil on the spine will often quite

cure the defects. Do not rub too hard. Feel for the muscles around the

spine, and gently insinuate healing influence with your fingers, so as

to reach the nerves below. Use a moderate quantity of oil, and the

effects will be marvellous.