Nerves Shaken

Sources: Papers On Health

By this we mean, not the nerve trouble which follows a

sudden injury or fright, but the result of long-continued worry and

overwork. Sleeplessness, great irritability of temper, depressing

thoughts, restlessness, and even a wish for death, are all symptoms of

this trouble. In any effort to cure it, the mind must be largely

considered. Thoughts of the constant care of a loving, Divine Saviour

for even the least of His children, must be encouraged. Work, which is

an intolerable burden when depressing thoughts are encouraged, will

become easy when these are removed. If you get the sufferer made

hopeful for time and for eternity too, you have half won the battle.

Again, in bodily matters, food or drink which is exciting must be given

up, or very sparingly used. Tea should only be taken weak, and at

most twice a-day. Avoid long conversations, and especially discussions

and debates. Let the head be soaped (see Head, Soaping) with soap

lather at night, and rub all over with hot vinegar and olive oil before

rising in the morning. Many a shaken nervous system will speedily

recover under such treatment. Take also eight good hours for sleep,

and allow no ideas of business or work to intrude upon them. No more

valuable habit can be formed, by the healthy as well as by the nervous,

than this. The whole will should resolutely be bent to remove the

attention from every trying thought, when the hours of work are past,

and especially on retiring to rest. Always recollect that this can be

done; assert mentally, or if necessary, audibly, that it shall. Do

not let initial failure disappoint you; persevere and a habit will be

formed. When the brain gets a fair rest in its hours of leisure, it is

usually equal to all demands in ordinary hours of work.

All brain workers, in their leisure hours should let the brain rest,

and if they must do something, let it be as diverse from their work,

and as easy on the thinking power as is possible. (See Worry).